What is a Chalk Art Sermon?

A gospel chalk talk is a way to convey the message of the gospel in a way that appeals to the visual sense as well as hearing. The audience may retain 80% of what they see as compared to 20% of what they hear. Someone who may not pay much attention to simply hearing a sermon, may sit enthralled as the message is illustrated in chalk and unfolds in visual form. The message may be further impacted by the blacklight reveal after the visible picture is completed.

Live chalk drawing in front of the audience

The chalk artist begins with a short message. The artist then illustrates the message in visible chalk, live before the audience, while playing music, which supports the theme of the message.

Chalk Drawing - Eagle Flying over mountain range
Creation Chalk Drawing Black Light

The hidden blacklight picture reveal

Upon completion of the visible picture, there is a hidden blacklight picture revealed, as the presentation ends with presenting the gospel message of salvation.

An exclamation point to the message

The dramatic reveal of the hidden blacklight image compliments the live chalk drawing by bringing the message home in a memorable way.

Creation Chalk Drawing Black Light

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